Video Production Thunder Bay

Adding Value With Video Production

When marketing your brand or business, there cannot be enough emphasis put on the value of photo and video production. Ninesixty Studios is bringing cinema quality video production and professional photography services to the growing advertising sector in the Northern Ontario city of Thunder Bay.

Ninesixty Studios is breaking the mould when it comes to photography and video production. In a town where the industry is essentially an old boys club, sticking to the same tried-and-true formulas, Ninesixty Studios is daring to be different by showcasing there cinematic storytelling ability and an adventurous personality. This is evident in their artist series videos showcasing local artisans in different fields creating their art in elements that one may not expect – a professional chef foraging and cooking in a forest, a visual artist creating beauty out of locations that most people see as ugly, and a carver creating exquisite pieces out of the natural resources of the boreal forest.

Ninesixty Studios works in close collaboration with Ninesixty Media Group who provide marketing, branding, advertising and web design services to individuals, businesses, and industries across Canada and the United States. We are equipped with industry leading film equipment including a RED Digital Cinema Scarlet-W film camera that will bring a true cinematic look to our clients videos.