branding and graphic design in thunder bay

Are you starting a new business or looking to rebrand your current one? We offer full branding and graphic design services in Thunder Bay.

We build brands that are recognizable, impactful, and most importantly speak to your audience. We do our research, we develop an identity and we create a proper message. Contact us to set up a meeting for your next project.

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Our process is what separates us from other branding and advertising agencies. We work with businesses to ensure that the final product is exactly what they want, and what will help them to reach their business goals. 

every good brand needs a good process

Our branding process starts with a brand strategy. We work with you to answer and narrow down our branding questions so can get a concept of the creative direction. Once we have established our plans for our branding we move forward and execute the following steps.

visual system

The visual side of branding is what most people are familiar with, logos, colour, photos and more. We sit and research with you to develop a visual concept that will separate your brand and make an impactful recognizable look.

verbal system

The look and feel of a brand is important, it is what your audience looks at and recognizes. The verbal system is also important, it is what you audience reads and hears. Its the message your brand delivers and promises to its audience so that they can relate.

manage assets

Once the the brands image and message has been determined its important that both of those are wrapped around proper brand assets such as business cards, website, uniforms and any other asset that fits the vision of the brands personality.

Ninesixty did great work, they brought a professional look to our story. Our region offers a great educational culture and Ninesixty captured that and expressed it.

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