every challenge reveals new capabilities

We asked ourselves “what do we do?” are we designers, artists, geeks or people that have way to much fun with a camera and a computer?

We then answered the question. We are problem solvers. Creative educated people that have a passion and a special set of skills that when put together help our clients reach their business goals. Ninesixty Group focuses on four core services. Branding, Web Design, Social Media Marketing & Video Production. These services bring out other capabilities like graphic design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, commercial photography and more.

choose us?

While branding, web design, social media and video production may be our core services, other skills such as graphic design, strategy, story telling, motion graphics all play a role in making a project stand out.

keep your brand strong and tell your story

There are many ways to tell a brands story, our job is help tell it. Everything stems from the brand, the look, the feel, the message, it’s all about perception. When creating a website, social media presence or video for your brands story is front and center.


Perception is reality, and having a proper identity sets the tone on what your audience thinks about your brand. We help narrow that down with our brand process.

digital marketing

Every business needs a digital marketing plan to increase brand awareness, sales and to stay relevant. We create custom social media/digital marketing plans that are right for your business goals.

web design

Your business online reputation stems from your website. We build websites that attract customers and stick with your brands values, philosophies and goals.

video production

Introducing Ninesixty Studios. We are a fully equipped video production division of Ninesixty Media Group. If you are looking for video production in Thunder Bay we have you covered.