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Thunder Bay

We work with you to elevate your brands online presence with proper web design techniques in Thunder Bay.

Ninesixty doesn’t only offer web design & development in Thunder Bay we offer our services world wide. We have a tailored web design process that captures values of branding so that our design is focused to speak to your brands audience. Web design can take many shapes and forms and depending on what you are looking for will determine our approach.

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Our process is what separates us from other branding and advertising agencies. We work with businesses to ensure that the final product is exactly what they want and what will help them to reach their business goals. 

a great web design needs a great strategy

Our web design process starts with determining your online goals. We work with you to answer and narrow down all your website needs and questions so we can create a concept and creative direction for your website. Once we have established our plans for your website we move forward and execute the following steps.


First off we have to layout a game plan for the website. We develop a sitemap and a wireframe with the client and discuss any functionality the site might need.

web design

Once we have a plan in play and the sitemap drawn out we can start the design of the website. Our design techniques ensure the best user experience for your audience.

web development

Time to develop the website. Once our design has been approved and we are heading in the right direction we start to make the project come to life.

Ninesixty did great work, they brought a professional look to our story. Our region offers a great educational culture and Ninesixty captured that and expressed it.

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