Social Media & Digital Marketing in
Thunder Bay

Social Media & Digital marketing is a rising market in Thunder Bay. We work with you to create a proper social media strategy and market your brand using social media.

We don’t just “run” your social media, we embrace it. We work with you and your business to humanize your brand so that your audience can relate to it. There are a ton of social media websites out there and depending on your social media strategy we will make sure that your brand is taking advantage of the right platforms. From teaching your staff, creating relatable content, setting up targeted advertising campaigns and expanding your audience. Ninesixty can help set up your strategy based on your budget.

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Depending on your social media goals we have
multiple staff members that are here to support. Our creative team works with the strategists to make sure that your brands content and ads are strong and reach the most amount of people possible. 

social media is a two way street

There is no right way to approach social media but only best practices. Each industry and brand needs to take a different approach when creating their social media strategy. We take two approaches when creating our strategies.

organic strategy

Organic strategy is just a fancy word for day to day interaction for your brands social media presences. We work with your brand to create a day to day social media post schedule that outlines what to post and why. We also create the content that your brand is going to post (photos, graphics, video and more) It is all about giving, giving and giving then asking for a sale.

targeted advertising

This is what we like to call the right hook of social media. While the organic plan is in play we set up and create targeted advertising campaigns that reach directly to your audience. We go into detail and set up Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Words, and Youtube focused advertising that reaches your audience so that we can track impressions and create the best ROI for your business. We create all the advertising creative including, photos, graphics, video, motion graphics and more.

Ninesixty did great work, they brought a professional look to our story. Our region offers a great educational culture and Ninesixty captured that and expressed it.

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