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Adapt. For Any Situation.

After 30 years in business, rebranding Adapt's website was an essential step towards their next stage of growth.

Adapt is a general service company that offers expertise in every area. They came to us looking to rebrand their website and take their digital presence to that next level in order to provide their customers with better service from pillar to post.

The Problem

After 30 years in business and such a strong foundation in Northwestern Ontario, changing the digital landscape from something their customers were so familiar with came with a unique challenge. We wanted to create a fresh modern look, but we also wanted to leave intact the voice and personality of the Adapt brand.

The Approach

Given that strong foundation that Adapt has built over the last 30 years, we looked to infuse that voice and that personality into a look and feel that would be more user friendly, modern, and professional so that their customers could get a sense of the quality, experience, and professionalism that Adapt brings to every project, website included.

The Solution

With a clean and bold modular design, we were able to portrait that feeling of structure and confidence that customers look for when choosing which contractor they can trust the most. By designing Adapt’s new website in this way, we were able to accomplish how Adapt seeks to represent themselves not only 30 years ago – but today – in a modern age where contracting customers expect the very best in quality and service.

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