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Dominion Motors Canada

We're Different Up Here Campaign

We wanted to create a campaign that the citizens of Northwestern Ontario could relate to and that Dominion Motors understands life in the north.

The Problem

Dominion Motors Canada has been a staple in Northwestern Ontario since 1920. It was when Tyler Dolcetti reached out to Ninesixty to create a series of videos showcasing that purchasing a vehicle for the north is a bit different than anywhere else in Canada.

The Approach

Approaching a project like this came like second nature as our company was born here and we experience the problem first hand. We started out with the winter season and outlined what someone in NWO does on a daily basis, the challenge was fitting that all into 30secs. We created a storyboard formula that outlined key areas to focus on and crafted a script that would set up the tone for this video and future videos. The tagline was simple.. We’re Different Up Here, it’s because we are! Videos, social media ads, photos, and radio ads were created to support the campaign and soon enough we were off to the races. As the seasons changed we created different videos representing different challenges the north brings. But to cap off the year-long campaign, we decided to create a video on the service and integrity of Dominion Motors and show off what a truck means to so many people in NWO.
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The goal was to create a campaign that relates to the people of North Western Ontario.

Showcasing quality service and quality vehicles. Dominion Motors is a staple of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.


From daily commutes to winter boots. That sums up the average person in Thunder Bay. Work and play we need a vehicle that lets us do both. That is how we approached the message for this campaign.


Summer in the north is special. Focusing on what we love and how we can get it done. Hard work pays off and we needed to showcase a vehicle that can do it all. Summer is important to us all in Northwestern Ontario so we focused the message on adventure and hard work.


Then, now, always. The message was simple. Dominion Motors has always been there for its clients. As a staple in Thunder Bay Domionom Motors legacy lives on and will always be there for you.
"Excellent company to work with! Knowledgeable, quick and efficient. High quality work that delivers results. "
- Tyler Dolcetti, Owner of Dominion Motors
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