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Fort William Business District

Rebranding a district.

Fort William Business District wanted a clean, inviting brand to attract new clientele to the area while staying true to the core values of the Fort William side of Thunder Bay.

We are Fort William encompasses all of that in a creative and vibrant way. It establishes immediately who they are and how they identify themselves in the larger Thunder Bay landscape.

How We Helped Shape a District

Ninesixty team members met extensively with the Fort William Business District board of directors to get a feel for who they are at their core. Made up of various business owners in the area, all with diverse backgrounds, the board helped tremendously in shaping our understanding of the FWBD and the community surrounding it.

Bright colours, strong fonts and sharp imagery were what we determined to be appropriate for this down to earth, hard working group of businesses. With a strong brand foundation to work with and build off of, FWBD is set up to thrive for many years to come.

We created a unique, clean and inviting brand for the Fort William Business District to show the people of Thunder Bay that the South side of town is a vibrant and accessible area to do business.

The Problem

Fort William Business District has been successfully operating for a number of years, however, they felt the urge to highlight their area of Thunder Bay as it can often get overlooked. When new businesses are looking to open or people in the community are looking to shop or find services, they needed help in highlighting that they have a lot to offer. 

The Approach

Finding out as much as we could about the Fort William Business District was top priority in being able to produce a product that spoke to their core values as a community of businesses. Researching the area online, visiting websites of area businesses and simply walking the streets within the FWBD’s boundaries provided us with all we needed to accomplish this.

The Solution

Our solution was a strong brand, user friendly website and clean graphics for any marketing material the Fort William Business District decided to use. A simple sign-up portal for new and existing businesses, in the area and beyond, to take advantage of being members of this amazing Business District helped bring new enthusiasm among the businesses and community as a whole.

We Love Fort William, We're From Fort William, We Are Fort William.

Creating the online business directory for the Fort William Business District allows not only the businesses in the district to promote themselves online, but also allows people in the area to see what’s happening in the Fort William Business District.

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