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Not your traditional brewery. Wacky, funky, and anything but formal.

The Problem

Opening any business is a challenge. Opening a business during a pandemic is something else. One Time Brew Co. was constructed by Ninesixty down to the name. They approached us to create a brand that would sell beer to the craft market and be unique when it comes to their beer drops.

The Approach

We wanted to approach this brand with something funky and unique. The goal was not to take the brand too seriously and to have fun with the marketing. Naming the brewery One Time allowed us to have fun with the slogan “Every Great Story Starts With One Time” while offering One Time beer drops. The names were unique and the artwork allowed for a One Time limited edition must have  product. 

The Solution

Throw out the book. There was only one way to create a funky brand and that was to think outside the box. Creating a beer brand was all about marketability and having fun, so when creating the image and the personality we wanted to turn heads and make people say “what is this”.

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