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Kenora & District Chamber Of Commerce

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It's not just about management, it's about education.

Working with the Kenora Chamber to help them re-brand and develop their new website and Social Media presence held a unique challenge. More and more these days, clients need the knowledge, training, and understanding in order to make the right decisions when it comes to their digital marketing strategies. That’s where we came in with actionable steps and training that the Kenora Chamber could utilize in order to take control of their own Social Media moving forward.

We wanted to develop a digital presence that the Kenora Chamber could nurture and move forward with confidently.

The Problem

The Kenora Chamber needed a brand refresh, a new website, and were looking to dovetail their new website launch with Social Media strategies that would build their online memberships, promote their online business directory, and to create awareness for the Kenora Chamber of Commerce. They also wanted help with Social Media to create a foundation for their online presence to move forward with.

The Approach

After building their new website and their online business directory, the next steps were to figure out how we could leverage Social Media to accomplish their membership promotion goals. First, we needed to build a foundation for their online presence. For this project, Social Media Education and a way to move forward was just as, if not more, important than Social Media Management for the Kenora Chamber.

The Solution

The best solution for Kenora Chamber was to develop templates for Social Media so that they could move forward with their new look & feel with confidence. We also wanted to establish concrete brand guidelines, and to train the Kenora Chamber on how to manage their Social Media moving forward, as well as how to make appropriate updates to their online business directory, and other daily tasks.

Promoting the Open Air Market in the city of Kenora, Ontario on Social Media.

The Open Air Market was a keystone event for the Kenora Chamber. We used Social Media to promote these keystone events during the summer of 2021 to encourage Kenora locals to shop local amidst the challenges that COVID-19 had caused for businesses in the area.


The numbers below compare important metrics on the Kenora Chamber’s Facebook page during the months of June 2021 – August 2022 to the previous 3 months.

Total Reach


1669% Increase



5765% Increase

Net Followers


430% Increase

Rebranding the Kenora Chamber Website

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