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It's Time To Taste The Difference.

La Poutine


Meet Brigitte, Owner & Chef at La Poutine.

When Brigitte approached us with her enthusiasm and love for authentic Montreal poutine, it was easy for us to get excited about leveling up her business’ social media presence.

Brigitte had a desire for everyone to know the difference between an average poutine and an authentic Montreal poutine; and we wanted to make sure that we captured that authenticity.

The Problem

Brigitte wanted to elevate her Social Media presence so that she could reach a newer audience. It had been a while since Brigitte had promoted her business on Social Media, and she was finding it difficult to increase her engagement online without knowing where to focus her attention.

The Approach

One of the first strategies that we look at when helping clients with their Social Media for the first time is their page growth strategy. As your Social Media page(s) age, old followers tend to become less engaged, and new followers tend to be more enthusiastic. That is why it’s important to have a strong page growth strategy to continue to build the inflow and outflow of new and old followers.

The Solution

In order to grow Brigitte’s Social Media, we developed a page promotion campaign and created incentives through contesting and other methods to encourage new and old followers to follow and stay engaged with La Poutine’s Social Media. During just three short months, we gained more Facebook followers than we had over the previous three years – surpassing many of her competitors’ follower counts.

Capturing Brigitte’s one of a kind personality and timeless recipes allowed us to promote her business by serving it the right way.

The numbers below compare important metrics on La Poutine’s Facebook page during the months of May 2021 – July 2021 to the previous 3 months.

Total Reach


395% Increase

Total Engagement


640% Increase

Net Followers


856% Increase

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