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60th Anniversary Campaign

Smith's RV Centre

Celebrating 60 Years of Smith's RV

Smith’s RV is a well-established family-owned RV dealership that has been in business for over 60 years. Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Smith’s RV offers a wide selection of new and used RVs, as well as parts and service for RV owners.

The Problem

Smith’s RV wanted to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a year long campaign that would increase brand awareness, generate buzz and excitement among their target audience, and ultimately drive more traffic to their dealership.

The Approach

Like any awareness campaign, our first step was to decide the most efficient and effective way to generate the most awareness through selecting the right delivery platforms, accompanied with consistent and powerful design deliverables.

The Solution

We created a series of Social Media Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to highlight the dealership’s 60-year history, showcase special promotions and giveaways, and to encourage followers to share their own memories and experiences at Smith’s RV Centre. These campaigns were boosted with targeted advertising to reach a wider audience in the area of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Creating a consistent look and feel for Smith's RV 60 Years campaign was important to us.

While creating the key messages that we wanted to associate with this campaign, we knew that there were so many different aspects of Smith’s RV that could be celebrated. We knew right away that the best way to represent this campaign was to invoke “60 Years Of” before our key messages and call to actions.

Benchmarks for Success

Throughout the campaign, we kept a close eye on relevant statistics that would help us pivot our strategies accordingly so that we were always adapting with new information. When it was all said and done, we were extremely happy to see our success metrics rise above and beyond our expectations!

Total Reach


Average: 207 Per Day



Average: 1412 Per Day

Video Plays


Average: 525 Per Day

Total Engagement


Average: 166 Per Day

Cost Per 1000 Impressions


Average: $3 – $10 CPM

Full Video Thruplays


Average: 78 Per Day

60 Years of Success

Overall, the 60th anniversary awareness campaign successfully celebrated Smith’s RV’s long-standing presence in the community, while also generating excitement and engagement among potential and existing customers.

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