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Working with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit we created a visually vibrant, user friendly experience to get the people of Thunder Bay physically active.

The Problem

Thunder Bay District Health Unit reached out to Ninesixty to help them challenge the people of Thunder Bay to get physically active. They wanted a clean, user friendly website to help facilitate challenges and encourage activity in the community. Being able to track individual success through various activities was paramount to TBDHU’s vision. They wanted to pair that with the ability for users to challenge their friends, family or coworkers to make it easy to get the community up and active in a fun way. 

The Approach

We approached this project as we do most projects, as a team. Ourselves, along with the incredible team over at TBDHU discussed and brainstormed as a group. We bounced concepts and ideas around to come up with the best product possible. Combining their expertise along with ours we were able to come up with a beautiful, user friendly experience that the TBDHU will be able to use for years to come.

The Solution

The solution we came up with was This interactive website that acts more as a tool for the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to use for a variety of challenges now and in the future. Individuals or teams can sign-up and challenge others with the push of a button, making it easy to get as many people up and active as possible. With the ability to track steps, laps, hours, kilometres and more, is the perfect resource for any physical activity challenge TBDHU can think of.

The goal was to build a platform that encouraged the community to get up and get active, with challenges and progress tracking for added motivation.

Thunder Bay District Health Unit is at the forefront of health and wellness in Northwestern Ontario. They now have a tool to help them stay there well into the future.

Always On The Move

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