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Helping navigate small business funding. A Website that you can trust.

The Problem

Thunder Bay Ventures was looking for a new online presence to help navigate business owners toward small business funding. During the COVID19 pandemic, it was crucial that they have a clear and easy-to-navigate website to help steer people in the right direction when it comes to their financial lending.

The Approach

Approaching a project like this was something we are very used to. We asked the right questions and laid out a clear user experience strategy so that the end user can find what they were looking for effectively. 

The Solution

When it came time to tackle the project as a whole we wanted to make sure that the brands image was updated and that the content was of high quality. Combining our branding knowledge with the UX design and help from Ventures we were able to create a website that was easy to navigate, offered easy support via FAQs and gave the organization an overall professional image.

Corporate design doesn't have to be boring. It is all about form, function and simplicity.

When it comes to design, simplify your ideas.

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