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Urban Eyewear

Building Urban Eyewear's footprint in the digital space.

Urban Eyewear is a high-fashion, premium quality, brand-oriented eyewear outlet located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They came to use looking to improve their digital presence. This meant building out new features on their website that we could dovetail with our Social Media strategies to make choosing the right eyewear easier for their customers, and to learn why Urban Eyewear is a top choice when it comes to eyewear and sunglasses in Thunder Bay.

Creating a personal connection between the Urban Eyewear brand and their prospective customers was very important to us.

The Problem

It had been a while since Urban Eyewear had any sort of focused strategy when it came to marketing their business online. We discovered a few pitfalls – one being the lack of direction, and the other being the lack of personal connection within their brand. People needed to know more about what Urban Eyewear offers in a way that was targeted and calculated. No more blanket marketing strategies for this premium eyewear outlet – it was time to build out something unique, efficient, and effective.

The Approach

Our approach was to figure out how we could develop marketing strategies that really spoke to the people of Thunder Bay to create that personal connection within their brand. We also wanted to make sure that we were educating Urban Eyewear’s clients to let them know that when they shop at Urban Eyewear, they’re shopping at a high-end, premium brand, superior quality eyewear outlet that pays extreme attention to detail to help you choose eyewear that is meant for you, and your lifestyle.

The Solution

In order to create this personal connection within their brand, we decided that the solution would be to find local models and local locations that we could shoot lifestyle photography at that captures that local look & feel. We wanted to make our Social Media campaigns were relatable to the area and to their demographic. We also knew that there were going to be some challenges promoting their in-store location if we didn’t have some kind of online option for their customers to view and choose different eyewear – so we decided to build out an online look book that allows Urban Eyewear’s customers to learn more about their products and services.

Promoting Urban Eyewear's "Live Urban" Lifestyle on Social Media.

After we were able to gather these different types of local, lifestyle photography – seeing that personal connection within their brand develop online over the last eight months has been a thrilling experience. We’ve been able to correlate a 400% increase in engagement since we began managing Urban Eyewear’s Social Media during an 8 month period, and for that we couldn’t be happier.

The numbers below compare important metrics on Urban Eyewear’s Facebook page during the months of August 2021 – April 2022 to the previous 8 months.

Total Engagement


401% Increase

Post Reactions


1970% Increase

Net Followers


56% Increase

Total Reach


688% Increase



7359% Increase

Video Minutes Viewed


4773% Increase

Rebranding the Urban Eyewear Website

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